MCHI: “Everyone wants to challenge China but ask them to actually do something that imposes a cost and they have the backbone of over cooked linguini.” | Mar 2020 #thread

One of the worst outcomes of the Trump administration, and this has happened on both side, is his ability to inspire stalker level obsession that blinds people to any other action. Why no extra shot in your latte? Trump. Crop circles? Trump. Solar flares? Trump. 1/n — Masked Mao Balding 大老板 (@BaldingsWorld) March 3, 2020

$MCHI: “With the opening of the spending floodgates, already some.. are betting that GDP growth this year will match or even exceed 2019.” | Feb 2020 #thread

Spending plans are starting to come in. Last night Beijing announced that it would push forward CNY 252.3 billion of urban projects, which “will include 100 infrastructure projects, 100 livelihood improvement projects and 100 high-tech industrial… — Michael Pettis (@michaelxpettis) February 24, 2020

$MCHI: “Keeping the growth target is ridiculous, reforms have already been undermined and without clear reform this negative shock will have lasting consequences.” | Feb 2020 #thread

Finally someone says it. Zhang Anyuan (张岸元 ), economist at CFC Financial ( 中信建投证券) a broker controlled by CITIC Securities, raises the possibility that Q1 growth will be 0% (or worse). He starts recognising the importance of keeping up confidence & meeting the targets/1 — 优述/You Shu (@You_Shu_China) February 23, 2020

$MCHI: “Questions for Beijing and Xi will become defeafening if there are sustained, wide-scale second/third outbreaks” because of a too-early pivot to “get back to normal.” | Feb 2020 #thread

The belated response to COVID-19 has already raised questions over bureaucratic competence in China, and Xi’s governance model. It’s still unclear where the blame lies – and how much of the responsibility is the boss’s. Many systems would have struggled./1 — 优述/You Shu (@You_Shu_China) February 21, 2020