$INSC: Gig-work is dangerous and under-compensated while HQ executives line their pockets off the work of “independent contractors” | Dec 2019

An @Instacart Shopper in Tacoma, WA tripped on a customers uneven front steps. After her accident was in a coma, and on life support. She is now awake weeks later but cannot move much or speak. She has undergone two brain surgeries. Everyday we risk our lives for <minimum wage. — Vanessa Bain (@hashtagmolotov) December […]

$GRUB: Low population density in US cities will prevent app platforms from achieving better unit economics | Oct 2019

The factors that would make unit economics positive in US for businesses like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart, Postmates, and cloud kitchens are here in China: massive labor pool at lower cost, higher urban and order density, faster physical mobility through cities — Eugene Wei (@eugenewei) October 28, 2019