$SPY: “Base case for anyone doing any actual channel checks should be two quarters of severe supply chain disruption.” | Feb 2020 #thread

Serious Take: Base case for anyone doing any actual channel checks here should be 2 quarters of severe supply chain disruption. Media and Sell Side dripping out reality on lag because they have to maintain access. Autos, Semis, Travel annual numbers are absurd. — Dan McMurtrie (@SuperMugatu) February 20, 2020

$SPY: “Major costs facing families have skyrocketed unsustainably in ways our economics is incapable of acknowledging.” | Feb 2020 #thread

Thread (1/16). How is that our economic statistics suggest workers have been making slow but steady progress in recent decades, while popular perception is that their family finances are coming under increasingly untenable pressure? I’ve been working on this, here’s my answer: — Oren Cass (@oren_cass) February 20, 2020

$SPY: The USA “need[s] to learn from the relationship [which the] technology industry and DoD/gov’t enjoyed in the 1950s and 1960s” in order to compete with China | Jan 2020

1. Was involved in a discussion today with some senior members of the administration. SV tech, defense tech, and threat from China was the agenda. Clearly, China is in the crosshairs. And not just with this admin – seen as a long term threat to economy and national security. — Bilal Zuberi (@bznotes) January 16, […]

$SPY: Iranians are risking their lives by protesting against the government after IRGC admits responsibility for downed Ukraine airliner | Jan 2020

1. This AM I woke up to dozens of messages from family/friends in Iran Right now, Iran is a tinderbox internally. As some of you know, there are protests mostly around the anger that Iranians feel towards the gov after they admitted IRGC shot down the Ukraine Airlines aircraft — Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) January […]