[Thread] Our commentary on @Sunrun, was just published on @gurufocus. Let's discuss. $RUN TL;DR – Cash burn is likely to remain a persistent problem for Sunrun, despite the company's claims to the contrary cc: @CVCResearch, @WallStCynic link: https://t.co/kPm1vXm6WD pic.twitter.com/7NCe3FQK2x — Almington Capital | Merchant Bankers (@AlmingtonCap) April 10, 2020


1/ A brief refresher on why the Boeing 737 MAX has significant engineering problems that make it uncompetitive versus the Airbus 320neo $BA All sources, research and documents available here:https://t.co/v0W8dGj5lz — Inquisitive Investor (@QuisitiveInvest) April 10, 2020


Google’s much vaunted simplicity focused aesthetic becomes bad design when it hinders users from completing simple and repetitive actions. Minimalism without functionality = irritation — Lueurverte (@luerverte) April 9, 2020


One of my fascinations with eCommerce is that it’s asymmetrical. There are retailers that you’ve never heard of. They’re selling eight figures in products per month. They just forecast correctly, sell, restock, and grow. You’ve never read a Fast Company feature about them. — Web Smith (@web) April 8, 2020


I have a question. I keep seeing all these retailers (or brick & mortar places) who are not paying rent. How does that play out going forward (if anyone knows)? Like do they pay back rent when over or just not pay? TYIA — Helene Meisler (@hmeisler) April 8, 2020


1) We are at a critical juncture for the market. The events of the next month will shape the next year. In 20 years of investing, I've never seen such high sensitivity to initial conditions and such a wide range of outcomes with no real precedent to help guide thinking. — Gavin Baker (@GavinSBaker) April […]


MW is short $IQ because we believe it's a fraud. We assisted @WolfpackReports with comprehensive research into IQ. MW believes that IQ fraudulently and materially overstates its users, revenues, acquisition consideration, and value of its “barter” content. — MuddyWatersResearch (@muddywatersre) April 7, 2020