$INV: Thread on public sector-run, non-predatory tech bootcamp | Jan 2020

Resharing some info I first shared when I fell out of love with Lambda school. I wanted to be a fan! But it’s clear they’re doubling down on selling ISAs and ignoring feedback from marginalized students, SWEs, and hiring managers. So what can a non-predatory bootcamp look like? pic.twitter.com/JjEhjto7Xo — Mekka Okereke (@mekkaokereke) January 4, […]

$INV: Thread on the chronic failure of college education to help people succeed in working life and the political protections preventing reforms | Jan 2020

1/ Okay, since I’ve written on this at length I can tweet a short essay. The gutting of high school excellence, followed by the promotion of college for all, sentenced new adults to an extended bondage with big loans and closed most job opportunities to non-grads. https://t.co/FBqgKSgpTb — Jeb Kinnison (@JebKinnison) January 2, 2020