$FB: Banning targeted ads based on personal data will be a huge step towards solving the monopoly issues with Facebook and Google – DHH | Jan 2020

If Facebook & Google we’re banned from being able to target ads using their vast trove of personal data, we’d also have taken a huge step towards restoring competitive markets in internet advertising. Their unfair advantage would be wiped out. And they’d have to actually compete. — DHH (@dhh) January 18, 2020

$GOOGL: “Big tech giants using the profits and power from one monopoly business line to subsidize the conquest of another, is exactly why we have antitrust laws.” | Jan 2020

"Sonos says Google subsidized its own products to sell them at a cheaper price while using them to extract more data from buyers", yeah, that sounds exactly like what a monopolist like Google would do. https://t.co/unYHVNOVZi — DHH (@dhh) January 7, 2020

$GOOGL: Former Google executive Ross LaJeunesse goes rogue exposing how Google chose profits over morals | Jan 2020

Must read from exec who spent more than a decade at Google mostly as global head of international relations. “But Dragonfly was only one of several developments that concerned those of us who still believed in the mantra of ‘Don’t be evil.’ (1 of 2) https://t.co/clYLEQU9A5 — Jason Kint (@jason_kint) January 2, 2020