#COVID19: “[A] humble suggestion for a fact-based, fair mutual de-escalation narrative between PRC and USA.” | Mar 2020

my humble suggestion for a FACT-BASED, FAIR mutual de-escalation narrative between PRC and USA on the origin of the coronavirus and what kind “responsibility” thus entails. Retweet if you think it would help stop mankind from going into World War III between PRC and China: — imightknowchina (@itrulyknowchina) March 22, 2020

#COVID19: “ Emergencies often provide the best opportunities for the subversion of democratic principles.” | Mar 2020 #thread

Bracelets & phones that track, texts if you ditch quarantine & digital detectives tracking where you've been — Asian countries have embraced innovative, if somewhat invasive, tech to counter the coronavirus pandemic. By myself & colleagues for @AFPhttps://t.co/oYGKls3xK6 — Jerome Taylor (@JeromeTaylor) March 20, 2020

#COVID19: “We are at the edge of human knowledge and the doctors and regulators get that. Twitter journos don’t.” | Mar 2020 #thread

You people drove me to it. I am going to do a thread, no idea how long it will be at this point, highlighting medical journal article and preprints about the testing and diagnoses problems with corona. Couple caveats before we get started. First, I am writing this because 1/n — Masked Mao Balding 大老板 […]

#COVID19: “They haven’t run out of ventilators (yet), but every single ICU bed in Seattle metro is full.” | Mar 2020 #thread

I’ve been in touch with an intensivist at a Seattle hospital with one of the highest numbers of COVID-19 admissions in the US. They’ve been too exhausted to post much themselves, so I am conveying some of what I’ve been told, which is… eye-opening. To say the least. /1 — Scott Mintzer 🧠 (@scott_mintzer) March […]

#COVID19: “If we apply by the CFRs to the general population pyramid for each of the three countries.. we get to 1.4% for China, 0.6% for Korea and 2.0% for Italy.” | Mar 2020 #thread

1/ Italy, South Korea and China all had different testing #COVID19 strategies. We can see this in how the breakdown of their confirmed pools by age age cohort differs from their respective general population pyramids. — Glenn Luk (@GlennLuk) March 12, 2020

#COVID19: “Without top-down, coordinated effort from the government, the virus will continue to spread.” | Mar 2020

There are two responses to COVID-19: those who are carrying on like nothing's happening and those who are self-quarantining and cancelling events. I am in the worried group. I'll be minimizing my trips outside for at least the next two weeks. — Victor (@VictorPontis) March 11, 2020 This is going to be much worse than […]

#COVID19: “My guess is when we look back on all this a year from now, we find that this was a “flu on steroids” type of illness that targeted weak immune systems, mostly bypassing healthy people, especially children.” | Mar 2020

Interesting coronavirus news in Seattle that it was likely here way before being detected. Future likely reveals there are thousands (if not tens of thousands) of cases already, 98% of which have recovered. Only 29 deaths, many of which would have also succumbed to the reg flu. — Oil Stock Trader (@OilStockTrader) March 11, 2020

#COVID19: “Isn’t it obvious that the US will not implement anything like what the Chinese, Israelis, or even the Koreans have done, at best until it is too late and at worst never?” | Mar 2020

I am not sure why the future of COVID in the US is controversial (or why some are "worried"). Isn't it an obvious call based on what we saw in China, Italy and Iran and on the propensity of the executive to care primarily about narrative and loyalty vs the underlying issue? (1/3) — Carlos […]

#COVID19: “The media in Europe are reassuring, politicians are reassuring, while there’s little to be reassured of.” | Mar 2020 #thread

1/ I may be repeating myself, but I want to fight this sense of security that I see outside of the epicenters, as if nothing was going to happen "here". The media in Europe are reassuring, politicians are reassuring, while there's little to be reassured of. #COVID19 #coronavirus — Silvia Stringhini (@silviast9) March 9, 2020