$DIS: “Bob Iger is one of the greatest CEOs in modern history. He is a loss regardless of who to/when succession occurs.” | Feb 2020 #thread

1/ The timing, suddenness and details of the Iger news is weird for sure. However, the context and struggles of execution transition needs context. Bob is one of the greatest CEOs in modern history. He is a loss regardless of who to/when succession occurshttps://t.co/TXrH6C2RJ1 — Matthew Ball (@ballmatthew) February 26, 2020

$DIS: “You can never enjoy DC [Comics] like you can Marvel” because of the Disney’s unique network of physical theme parks | Dec 2019

Weirdest part of Disney’s digital-era dominance is that its best, most defensible, profitable biz is its most analog: theme parks And because of ‘cost disease’ and property needs, it’s basically impossible for anyone to replicate them. You can never enjoy DC like you can Marvel — Matthew Ball (@ballmatthew) December 24, 2019

$DIS: Disney’s decade-long dominance of the box office is a marvel to behold | Dec 2019

Decade in Disney:• 25 $1B+ films (everyone else has 13 combined)• 3 $2B+ films (everyone else has 0)• Biggest film of all time• 8 years with #1 film of the year• Owned top 5, then 8 films of the year (prior industry record: top 3)• Created Baby Yoda pic.twitter.com/p0FzahmGhu — Matthew Ball (@ballmatthew) December 19, […]

$DIS: Video games with massive player base(s) are the latest marketing channel for brands as Fortnite hosts Star Wars special event in-game | Dec 2019

Star Wars just had 10+ min event in Fortnite that included: – an exclusive movie trailer premiered INSIDE the game– a custom game scene w/ the Millennium Falcon – a live interview w/ JJ Abrams– PLAYABLE LIGHTSABERS Quick thread + analysis: pic.twitter.com/4UIg46aonU — Jack Appleby (@JuiceboxCA) December 14, 2019

$NFLX: Cash-burning, debt-laden Netflix owns relatively little monetizable IP versus Disney | Nov 2019

$NFLX owns little monetizeable IP. Even an Oscar-worthy movie or Emmy-winning series is only as good as its rewatch value – or its wider marketability. $DIS‘s library of content includes beloved properties that will spin off value nigh forever, in addition to whole universes. — Almington Capital Merchant Bankers (@AlmingtonCap) November 25, 2019