$UBER: The rise of Uber has not led to a decline in traffic congestion in cities despite initial pitch by company executives | Feb 2020

Uber 5 years ago, explicitly: Uber will decrease traffic congestion Reality today: Uber/Lyft add to traffic congestion Read my story on this window into Silicon Valley tunnel vision / inability to see bad efffects that are obvious in hindsighthttps://t.co/ZscASUXHVH — Eliot Brown (@eliotwb) February 15, 2020

$INSC: Gig-work is dangerous and under-compensated while HQ executives line their pockets off the work of “independent contractors” | Dec 2019

An @Instacart Shopper in Tacoma, WA tripped on a customers uneven front steps. After her accident was in a coma, and on life support. She is now awake weeks later but cannot move much or speak. She has undergone two brain surgeries. Everyday we risk our lives for <minimum wage. — Vanessa Bain (@hashtagmolotov) December […]

$UBER: Uber’s path to pricing power lies in providing “vital service[s] to communities that lack access to efficient public transportation” | Dec 2019

Thread on $UBER/Ride-hailing has doubled the number of for-hire rides in NYC from 170M rides in 2010 to >320M rides in 2018. Some of these are at the expense of taxis but most of it is additive. Uber did 163mm rides in 2018 in NYC, vs 169mm for all taxis in 2010. pic.twitter.com/wcvccvu47P — Fat […]

$GRUB: Low population density in US cities will prevent app platforms from achieving better unit economics | Oct 2019

The factors that would make unit economics positive in US for businesses like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart, Postmates, and cloud kitchens are here in China: massive labor pool at lower cost, higher urban and order density, faster physical mobility through cities — Eugene Wei (@eugenewei) October 28, 2019