$TSLA: Germany’s Transport Minister told Tesla NOT to use dangerously misleading “Autopilot” branding/ marketing term 3.5 years ago | Jan 2020

3.5 YEARS ago, Germany's Transport Minister told Tesla NOT to use dangerously misleading "autopilot" branding/marketing term, but Tesla did not comply. I doubt Tesla will comply w/ Sen. Markey's similar recommendation….$TSLA $TSLAQ https://t.co/blJo9Wiqd0 pic.twitter.com/WbKboiP8xQ — Zero Shorts LLC (@zeroshorts) January 24, 2020

$TSLA: Tesla “will have to increase production by 54% YoY in 2020 to 561K vehicles in order to be profitable.” | Jan 2020

1/3) Fun fact: $TSLA will have to increase production by 54% YoY to 561K vehicles in 2020 in order to be profitable (assuming 80% capacity utilization). And they’ll have to maintain the same prices on their cars as well. The stock price definitely believes this. I don’t. — @Motorhead (@BradMunchen) January 23, 2020

$TSLA: Tesla’s largest institutional shareholder Baillie Gifford sees Tesla stock rising to $5000 per share | Jan 2020

1/ So many remarkable statements from Anderson in this short Barron's piece. This should put to rest once and for all why he hasn't sold. He actually believes Tesla and Musk have something unique and he can see this getting to $5,000 per share. I presume he is serious. https://t.co/11btEioyHv — CrowPointPartners (@cppinvest) January 18, […]

$TSLA: Tesla has the same market cap as Volkswagen Group which operates 122 production plants in 33 countries employing over 600K workers | Jan 2020

VW has 122 production plants. $TSLA has a tent in the middle of a garbage dump outside San Francisco, an empty solar factory in Buffalo, a 30% complete battery factory near Reno, and a new building in a swamp near a ghost city in China. Basically the same market cap. Sure. pic.twitter.com/4l91gZcq6x — TeslaCharts (@TESLAcharts) […]

$TSLA: Hybrid vehicles are the biggest threat to Tesla’s growth | Jan 2020

1/4) Answering two Teslans in this screenshot with two paragraphs from a Forbes article by Jim Collins: “To use an auto industry term, Toyota’s hybrid sales were on fire in 2019. Toyota’s sales of hybrid vehicles rose 28.7% in the U.S. in 2019, (paragraph continued) pic.twitter.com/Pda9ttudcz — Notorious F.S.D. (@ParadiseTrader3) January 17, 2020

$TSLA: Morgan Stanley Auto Analyst Adam Jonas downgrades Tesla to “Underweight” rating | Jan 2020

1) So Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas–Wall St’s most influential $TSLA analyst–capitulated today & downgraded $TSLA to “Underweight”. The 33-page report has much to say about risks in China. I give Jonas a C+ in assessing these risks. He gets an A for his Model Y & FSD critiques. pic.twitter.com/xS6pL42lhx — @Motorhead (@BradMunchen) January 16, 2020