$TSLA: Morgan Stanley analyst Jonas upgrades “Bull-case” Tesla price target to $500 per share while maintaining Neutral rating | Best takes | Dec 2019

Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas raises his $TSLA “Bull case” price target from $440 to $500 saying, “we are prepared for a potential surge in sentiment through 1H20 butquestion the sustainability.” Important note: Jonas is NOT changing his current price target of $250 — Phil LeBeau (@Lebeaucarnews) December 5, 2019

$TSLA: “Humans are innately wired to follow, serve & admire the powerful, even when we do not like them, particularly when we find ourselves in their physical presence.” | #pedoguy | Dec 2019

1/ A thread on the Musk defamation trial: one Spring day in 2004 I was sipping a coffee in the "old town square" in Prague when several dozen heavily armed state police approach the square from all directions, creating a perimeter. Moments later the motorcade of George W Bush — JMW (@whistlerian1834) December 5, 2019