Google’s much vaunted simplicity focused aesthetic becomes bad design when it hinders users from completing simple and repetitive actions. Minimalism without functionality = irritation — Lueurverte (@luerverte) April 9, 2020

$AMZN: Enterprise SaaS companies report having to switch to Google Cloud Platform from Amazon Web Services because multiple prospects refused to purchase if their data would be on AWS | Jan 2020

Over the last 6 months, the number of enterprise software startups I’ve met building on:Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud: 70%AWS: 30% While this is anecdotal, it may be a result of Microsoft and Google’s partnership vs AWS’s competitive approach to enterprise software startups. — Chetan Puttagunta (@chetanp) January 7, 2020

$GOOGL: “Big tech giants using the profits and power from one monopoly business line to subsidize the conquest of another, is exactly why we have antitrust laws.” | Jan 2020

"Sonos says Google subsidized its own products to sell them at a cheaper price while using them to extract more data from buyers", yeah, that sounds exactly like what a monopolist like Google would do. https://t.co/unYHVNOVZi — DHH (@dhh) January 7, 2020