$FB: “Influencer marketing has exploited a gigantic loophole in child labor laws, which Facebook, YouTube and Instagram have done nothing to address.” | Feb 2020

It's interesting to see Facebook and Instagram being pressed to address the gigantic loopholes in their ad policies around influencer posts, after years of dodging any responsibility for what happens in those ads, saying it's up to the influencers to comply with FTC regs — Julia Carrie Wong (@juliacarriew) February 14, 2020

$FB: Majority of impact from new privacy laws and product changes is still lie ahead for Facebook | Jan 2020

diving in on Facebook reports while listening to earnings. It looks like advertising crept up to 98.4% of Q4 revenue making no mistake their entire business model continues to be tied to massive, ubiquitous and unbridled data collection in order to microtarget advertising. — Jason Kint (@jason_kint) January 29, 2020