$SPOT: Spotify looks to increase advertising revenue as listener metrics outperform Apple Music | Nov 2019

Most recent $SPOT conference transcript, from 20.11.2019 – RBC Capital Markets TIMT Conference: https://t.co/Ws5Zirn5cZ 1. Spotify had like ~13 or 23 engineers working on ad-tech 3y ago. Now it’s 200. Pushing automation, programmatic & ad insertion tech, especially for podcasts. — sebidscap (@sebidscap) November 20, 2019

$SPOT: The continued existence of music label oligopoly means there will unlikely be a free music offering to compete with current paid services like Spotify | Sep 2019

-Amazon Music Unlimited: $7.99/month for a monthly subscription for Prime Members.-Non-Prime customers pay $9.99/month.” You can say label oligopoly makes life hard for $SPOT. Flip side is it guarantees we’d never see free music offering from FANG. Great for $SPOT — Quesnel Capital (@QuesnelCapital) September 26, 2019