Q: What was the worst energy private equity deal done in last 5 years? | Nov 2019

So now that E&P/midstream earnings are over, thinking we need a new energy fintwit poll. Thinking: “What was the worst energy private equity deal done in last 5 years? Both in quantum and speed of capital destroyed.” Taking submissions in comments AMR is on the list already — EnergyCynic (@EnergyCynic) November 12, 2019 Thanks for […]

Q: Is ANYONE bullish on stocks?

Is ANYONE bullish on stocks? — Patrick OShaughnessy (@patrick_oshag) August 25, 2019 Pension Plans — In and Out (@inandout24hrs) August 25, 2019 We should probably look at what people do in their portfolios rather than listening to what they say. With stocks close to all time highs in the US, most investors are still bullish […]

Q: Which Companies are Indisputably Obsessed with Investing in / Preserving the Happiness of their Employees?

building a list of companies indisputably obsessed with investing in/preserving the happiness of their employees (ultimately translating to well-above-avg labor retention and so many other tangible/intangible advantages). Examples to start via $DG, $COST, $JKHY, $DRI; please add pic.twitter.com/mgqrGDLAl8 — WTCM (@WTCM3) August 21, 2019 $BYD.UN.CA is currently investing lots of money to keep its technicicans […]

AMA With @howardlindzon

So far two cancelled flights and a bunch of other delays on my day trip to ‘frisco… so I’ll take a few questions gooooo — BlockchainLindzon+ (@howardlindzon) August 19, 2019 any company caught your eye on this YC summer batch? — pbizzy (@pbizzy) August 19, 2019 Will never pay those prices. — BlockchainLindzon+ (@howardlindzon) August […]