$TSLA: Tesla Owners Are Being Quoted Higher Insurance Premiums Under Newly Launched Tesla Insurance

A random selection of responses to the new Tesla Insurance.




“Tesla auto insurance is significantly more expensive than most, more than triple what I am paying through Costco Ameriprise Insurance. @Tesla would love to switch but this is a non starter. Even if it was a little more I would switch. Why would I pay that much more for insurance?”


“My @GEICO @GEICO_Service policy is 200.00 cheaper with slightly better coverage. Looks like I won’t be switching. But, to those who will benefit, congratulations.”


“@elonmusk Damn shame it’s 8% more than my current insurance (for the exact same options), otherwise I’d be all for this. I’d honestly rather give my money to Tesla. Alas. :(“


“Been wanting this for a while, but my Tesla Insurance quote came up $1024/6 mos. compared to my existing State Farm at $604/6 mos. WTF @Tesla @elonmusk how could you screw this up so bad. You have the data from our cams. I use AP all the time.”


“Lol at @Tesla insurance being “20-30%” cheaper…it’s actually 30-40% MORE expensive than my current provider.”


“Our quote was double the price we currently pay USAA. #nothanks”


“Gave this new Tesla Insurance thing a whirl & the quotes it came back with for me were awful: 35% higher than what I currently pay for my Performance Model 3 & 54% higher for the Model S (all with equivalent coverage/limits). I think I’ll pass.”


“Hi @elonmusk @Tesla Insurance costs me twice as much for the same coverage by @AAAauto Whats’s the point of this ? #NoThankYou #TeslaInsuranceIssues”


“Unfortunately, GEICO is still way cheaper for me. Even after matching the coverage numbers.”


“Wish something like this was available in the UK! Would love a model 3 but insurance would be £27k for me for 1 year”