How to grow an Independent Asset Management Firm

Introduction “Trust is gold,” a fund manager once remarked at an industry conference. Building trust between clients and investment professionals is critical to healthy, long-term relationships from which sustainable growth can be generated. Importantly, to paraphrase Paul Volcker, the recently departed former Fed Chairman, credibility must be built during peace time for managers to call […]

Q: What is one thing that everyone in your field knows and nobody in your industry talks about because it would lead to general chaos? | Nov 2019

YouTube/TikTok/Twitch/etc’s success are reliant on constantly teasing massive numbers of people with potential rewards that will come for only a tiny percentage of them, making it different from Hollywood only because, on YouTube, at least you get to own your own work. For now. — Hank Green **** (@hankgreen) November 27, 2019

$INV: “Getting rid of piracy.. wouldn’t change how much most people spend on entertainment” because people have a finite budget for entertainment | Nov 2019

Piracy. Here’s the thing: Piracy is not taking money out of our wallets. Getting rid of pirated comics won’t cause readers to spend more money buying comics. To illustrate why, let me talk about when I was a teen. — Barry makes comics (@barrydeutsch) November 26, 2019