Reviewing Elon Musk’s Entire Career

1/ A short thread on Musk’s Neuralink venture. The focus here is on the article written by Ashlee Vance (@valleyhack) at the Bloomberg site (@business) about last night’s Neuralink presentation. Vance, you will recall, wrote the (to date) definitive biography of Elon Musk. $TSLA — Polixenes (@Polixenes13) July 17, 2019 2/ Link to the article […]

Memed: The True Story of Tesla in 8 Memes | $TSLAQ

$TSLA 1/8 THE STORY OF TESLA CHAPTER ONE — HOARY ‘Renaissance Man’ MARMOT, STOCK TRADER (@mydoghasagun) April 13, 2019 $TSLA 2/8 THE STORY OF TESLA CHAPTER TWO — HOARY ‘Renaissance Man’ MARMOT, STOCK TRADER (@mydoghasagun) April 13, 2019 $TSLA 3/8 THE STORY OF TESLA CHAPTER THREE — HOARY ‘Renaissance Man’ MARMOT, STOCK […]

$TSLA: 18 videos of Tesla’s Autopilot gone wrong | #slaughterpilot | Apr 2019

Warning: Unverified videos of Tesla cars with Autopilot engaged. #darwinmode #slaughterpilot Just saw this video. Another Tesla driver stops his AP from crashing his car, the exact same place as Huang (Widow now suing Tesla for wrongful death) was killed. This dangerous shit shouldn’t be allowed on public roads. — Claus Møller (@ClausMller17) August 22, […]

The Unexplained Tesla Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Gap – Deep Dive

1/ It’s been ~2 months since @TeslaCharts highlighted irregularities in the model 3 VIN sequence. Most obvious, the huge gap in the 140k range spanning thousands. Over time more and more data has become available, most recently inventory data. $TSLA — Jake F (@JakeLangford6) February 24, 2019 14/ Take a look at registrations, production, and […]

Tesla Has No Battery Cost Advantage

1/Last week, @subach found a video in which an analysis estimated $TSLA's battery cost to be ~$240/kWh, citing METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry) data. So, I looked into it. TL;DR: He's probably right.$TSLAQ — Kawasaki_KR-1 (@KawasakiKR11) February 3, 2019

$TSLA: Photos of Tesla Distribution Center at Burbank, CA | Thread Index | Jul 2018

Burbank Airport 4/2/19 Tesla abandoned this facility in December 2018 — Latrilife (@Latrilife) April 9, 2019 BURBANK & HAWTHORNE EXCESS INVENTORY Q1 TOTAL CARS = ~1460+ PLEASE RT *** PLEASE RT 3 lots in focus1. 761 N San Fernando Blvd ~600+2. BurbankTownCenter ~603. Hawthorne Plaza ~800 Each location will be labeled at end of […]