Watch: Customised Huawei Phones for Chinese Police

1/ Huawei phones tailored for use by Chinese Police. “The mobile phone can collect and identify faces in real-time, verify ID cards, and has multiple hardware & software features to ensure information security.” — Matthew Brennan (@mbrennanchina) August 19, 2019 Uses a PMOS-H Dual operating system (seemingly built by a third party, not Huawei). […]

Watch: Your Face Can Be Hacked

Hyper-realistic face molds capable of tricking face recognition payment authentication systems. High chance of being outlawed in China I feel (subtitles mine) — Matthew Brennan (@mbrennanchina) August 5, 2019 Your FACE can be hacked (even old sci-if movies showed us this) Your NEURAL patterns are completely unique ID to you. Stay tuned. @CTRLlabsCo […]

Watch: Facial Matching Algo in China

Face recognition algo finds your online doppelganger. How long until you can Google someone simply from their face and find every embarassing video/pic of them ever uploaded to the open web?#快手 “世界上另一个你” — Matthew Brennan (@mbrennanchina) August 2, 2019