$AMZN: Build a profitable business, provide for yourself and your family and stop selling out to the Amazon empire | Dec 2019

Bad advice. Build a profitable business, provide for yourself and your family, quit arming the empire with more rebel bases. The greatest loss the free internet has seen in recent memory was when WhatsApp sold to Facebook. Don’t encourage more people to fold. https://t.co/K7TJkmPeq9 — DHH (@dhh) December 22, 2019

$AMZN: Products which stop advertising on Amazon see sales collapse by 55% after ten weeks due to the cascading effect of a decline in sales ranking | Dec 2019

It’s about that second cascade effect: Stop ads on 750 popular products, sales down 24%. The effect then cascaded: the fewer recent sales a product has, incl sales driven by ads, the lower it ranks on the site. At the end of 10 weeks, sales were down 55%. https://t.co/SfHaq0h0qQ — cristina berta jones (@cristinagberta) December […]

$AMZN: Amazon Web Services holds tremendous leverage over smaller open-source technology originators / providers | Dec 2019

In reporting this story about how AWS wields its power in the cloud computing world, I found that time and again Amazon lifted open source turned it into a paid service and ended up making more money than the company behind the technology. https://t.co/S887cknzVX 1/x — Daisuke Wakabayashi (@daiwaka) December 15, 2019

$AMZN: Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) moat lies in the large number of next-generation companies which are built on it | Dec 2019

Demand for developers with knowledge of AWS has boomed in past 5 years. 14% of job listings require knowledge of AWS. Jobs listings that mention Azure also more than doubled but are only listed in 6.9% of postings today. Just 0.8% of job listings mention Google Cloud Platform. — TheHeart OfIt (@TheHeart_OfIt) December 3, 2019