$FB: Facebook rival Tik Tok has to urgently solve big content problems due to its accelerated Softbank-backed growth | Dec 2019

In a lot of ways, TikTok represents the deep problems of social media most obtrusively; the SoftBank injection created an unstoppable firestorm and accelerative force that brought them to bear far quicker. This is true: https://t.co/AyCz9zEsrW — Daniel Sinclair (@_DanielSinclair) December 3, 2019

#Build: Why There Aren’t More Googles

Why There Aren’t More Googles – April 2008 by @paulg “So what’s the real reason there aren’t more Googles? Curiously enough, it’s the same reason Google and Facebook have remained independent: money guys undervalue the most innovative startups.”https://t.co/haZwvwp4L9 pic.twitter.com/DaQY5GxADc — Varun (@varun_mathur) September 13, 2019