#Build: Why There Aren’t More Googles

Why There Aren’t More Googles – April 2008 by @paulg “So what’s the real reason there aren’t more Googles? Curiously enough, it’s the same reason Google and Facebook have remained independent: money guys undervalue the most innovative startups.”https://t.co/haZwvwp4L9 pic.twitter.com/DaQY5GxADc — Varun (@varun_mathur) September 13, 2019

Barber, Brad M., and Terrance Odean. “All that glitters: The effect of attention and news on the buying behavior of individual and institutional investors.” (2006)

Abstract We test and confirm the hypothesis that individual investors are net buyers of attention-grabbing stocks, e.g., stocks in the news, stocks experiencing high abnormal trading volume, and stocks with extreme one day returns. Attention-driven buying results from the difficulty that investors have searching the thousands of stocks they can potentially buy. Individual investors don’t […]

Shleifer, Andrei, and Robert W. Vishny. “The limits of arbitrage.” (1995)

Abstract In traditional models, arbitrage in a given security is performed by a large number of diversified investors taking small positions against its mispricing. In reality, however, arbitrage is conducted by a relatively small number of highly specialized investors who take large positions using other people’s money. Such professional arbitrage has a number of interesting […]

Fama, Eugene F., and Kenneth R. French. “Common risk factors in the returns on stocks and bonds.” (1993)

Abstract This paper identifies five common risk factors in the returns on stocks and bonds. There are three stock-market factors: an overall market factor and factors related to firm size and book-to-market equity. There are two bond-market factors, related to maturity and default risks. Stock returns have shared variation due to the stock-market factors, and […]