Norwegian Study Finds Tesla Has Highest Damage Rates Among EV Brands

Norwegian statistics between 2008 and 2018 show that EVs sustain damage considerably more regularly than “fossil cars.” This surprising finding seems to be driven by Tesla’s 20% crash rate, which suggests 1 in 5 Norwegian Teslas has sustained damage 🤯 — E.W. Niedermeyer (@Tweetermeyer) August 19, 2019 Can you help with a link […]

Tesla Website Temporarily Exposes Marked Down Tesla Inventory

Tesla website temporarily exposes the loads of unsold "used" (actually and reject) Model 3 inventory that they're going to eventually liquidate; lemmings go crazy over the steals. source:$tsla $tslaq — elmerFUDD (@PlugInFUD) August 19, 2019 Correct. Las Vegas and LA Used inventory went fro 80 to 10 in one day. They are […]

Tesla’s Revamped Solar Business Allows Tesla to Capture Government Subsidies From Power Generation While Raising Prices On Consumers

Tesla is accepting deposits, to buy a monthly payment, for a product that is materially different than what was shown to investors to raise capital, and this product will be installed at an unknown date, for an unknown price. In selling aluminum siding, at least you get siding. — Bloodsport Capital: You are next! […]

Tesla Rated Least Reliable Brand In 18,000 UK Car Owner Survey

No words needed. #shitshow #tesla — Claus Møller (@ClausMller17) August 17, 2019 Yes, This is the source: — Claus Møller (@ClausMller17) August 18, 2019 Its a UK study. And Model 3 hasn’t been delivered in numbers yet due to right-hand-drive configuration. I would expect stats to go off a cliff once defective Model […]