$TSLA: Tesla is shipping US specification cars to Europe to be rebuilt to European specification | Aug 2019

$TeslaQ @teslacharts Interesting pictures from a public danish parking facility in Q2. In public cars are being rebuild with European spec assymmetric headlights. Why produce US spec cars and then ship to Europe, if not for US demand dropped and inventory too high? pic.twitter.com/6Rp3VjkEZ4 — Claus Møller (@ClausMller17) August 3, 2019 Have had questions – […]

Tesla Shanghai Factory Skipping Crucial Factory Acceptance Testing – Deep Dive

$TSLA -1/(Part 2) Tesla Shanghai and the challenges ahead. I want to do a quick deep dive into another critical mistake that I believe Tesla is making: Skipping Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). (Not THICC @JoeyExperience) https://t.co/dYL8j025sU — phoenix10 (smartish) (@phoennix10) August 3, 2019 2/By rushing to install equipment and making it appear that the Shanghai […]

$TSLA: Tesla’s Director of A.I. Karpathy gives a talk detailing non-trivial challenges in building a full self-driving car | #slaughterpilot | Aug 2019

While @elonmusk is pitching AutoPilot as nearly finished, its chief architect is giving talks about *starting* to understand the engineering challenges If AP were human cloning, $TSLA just announced it has promising ideas for how to cross peas.https://t.co/KUGnsbc6oX — “Elon Says” (@ElonBachman) August 1, 2019