$SPY: “For 40 years Iranians have been hearing “Death to America” and honestly it becomes meaningless after a while. It’s not shocking.” | Jan 2020

1. A word on “Death to America” chants in Iran. I’ve had friends & folks on Twitter send me videos of crowds chanting “Death to America” and say they’re scared When I shrug my shoulders about the chants, they’re confused…here’s why the chants don’t phase me and many Iranians — Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) January […]

$XLV: “Hospital mergers increase prices, lower wages, and do not improve the quality of care.” | Jan 2020

1/7 NEJM study published today on effects of hospital acquisitions on various quality measures.We compared outcomes for hospitals acquired between 2009-2013 with outcomes for hospitals in same HRR (excluding–and separately analyzing) those within 5 miles. https://t.co/eT1XN46d8B — Leemore Dafny (@LeemoreDafny) January 1, 2020

$TSLA: No one should be surprised if Tesla abandons its US-based Fremont factory in favor of manufacturing in China after exhausting generous US subsidies | Jan 2020

From @Tesla @elonmusk on #China: 1) Model Y SUV to start production at Shanghai plant, believes Model Y demand likely more than all other Tesla cars combined 2) China factory to make future models 3) to open design center to create “original car” made in China for global market — Eunice Yoon (@onlyyoontv) January 7, […]

$SPY: “If you think Iran lobbing missiles over the border is the kind of revenge they ultimately have in mind, you’re wrong.” | Jan 2020

1. I want to express this carefully cause I don’t want to minimize anything that results in loss of life. But missiles flying back/forth in Mid East is all too common (something US can handle) & not what makes me nervous about the Soleimani situation Here’s what makes me nervous https://t.co/F2LYk09m5w — Yashar Ali 🐘 […]