$SPY: Thread on the origins of Jews eating Chinese food on Christmas because both communities “were being othered in America” | Dec 2019

Merry Christmas, it’s time for my annual retelling of my fav Christmas story: Why Jews eat Chinese food on Xmas. It’s a cultural tradition dating back almost 100 years and originates where almost all of America’s immigrant stories begin: On the Lower East Side of Manhattan. 1/ β€” Erin Biba (@erinbiba) December 25, 2019

$SPY: US risk assets now have record low 10-year return prospects | Nov 2019

Congratulations to the @FederalReserve! πŸ˜€ You’ve successfully created the most extreme, pre-collapse yield-seeking bubble in U.S. history! With lower return prospects than Aug 1929! While encouraging a debt bubble where half of all “investment grade” debt is one step above junk! pic.twitter.com/GHVdekrJWl β€” John P. Hussman (@hussmanjp) November 27, 2019