One of the things that most people don’t realize is how easy is to trick people with numbers and what you think you are seeing with numbers are not actually what you think you see. Some times this is deliberate most of the time not. Let me give you a real world example 1/n — […]


Anyone interested in OTT, Advertising, or CDNs should read $SEAC remarks around the dynamic shaping up around COVID-19 right now in the OTT space. OTT Expenses up to increased viewership (Good for CDNs like $LLNW) Ad and Video spend down (but looks like it already rebounding) — Long Short Value (@LSValue) April 6, 2020


The wise speculator, quant or discretionary…knows that it is impossible to know . All we have are probabilities , no certainties. People have this childish need for certainty, create it through fantasy. Always funny when sophiscated investors use math to fool themselves. — mikey (@pragmatictake) April 6, 2020


1/ Over the last few days have had a lot of conversations about both a) the severe negative impact we are seeing COVID have on enterprise companies while also b) maintaining an optimistic/bullish perspective on “the other side.” — Jeff Richards (@jrichlive) April 6, 2020


Re: NYC blocking Zoom. I like Matthew a lot, but I don’t feel this is a “dumb overreaction.” As a security admin overseeing 40K+ students and participating in communities serving over 1.5M students, I would love to shed some light on the difficulties Zoom has created for us. — Nathan McNulty (@NathanMcNulty) April 6, 2020


1/ I hope the worst case predictions about COVID don’t come true. I hope some combination of social distancing and overestimating the disease means we can avoid a truly catastrophic health outcome. — TeslaCharts (@TESLAcharts) April 6, 2020


$TSLA – 1/It's clearly evident that @elonmusk and Tesla have no idea what they are doing. They do not know how to design a ventilator and this is just a PR stunt by Elon "Coronavirus panic is dumb" Musk to get more money and keep his plant open@US_FDA Let me explain why. https://t.co/MXriy27HCk— phoenix10 (smartish) […]


Here is the competing thesis to the Depression thesis: 1) WuFlu is a Boomer/Silent Generation problem 2) The BRRRR was ignored because of the WuFlu 3) As the market starts to realize #1, the BRRRR will make SPX & gold go up 4) Gold not collapsing is/was the heads up on SPX.— Jin SEO (@JTSEO9) […]