Emotive Conjugation | #mentalmodels

Emotive Conjugation: Synonyms can yield positive or negative impressions without changing the basic meaning of a word. Example: someone who is obstinate (neutral term) can be “headstrong” (positive) or “pig-headed” (negative). This is the basis for much bias in journalism. — Gurwinder (@G_S_Bhogal) February 6, 2020

Nirvana Fallacy | #mentalmodels

Nirvana Fallacy: When people reject a thing because it compares unfavorably to an ideal that in reality is unattainable. E.g. condemning capitalism due to the superiority of imagined socialism, condemning ruthlessness in war due to imagining humane (but unrealistic) ways to win. — Gurwinder (@G_S_Bhogal) February 6, 2020

Golden Hammer | #mentalmodels

Golden Hammer: When someone, usually an intellectual who has gained a cultish following for popularizing a concept, becomes so drunk with power he thinks he can apply that concept to everything. Every mention of this concept should be accompanied by a picture of @nntaleb. pic.twitter.com/V4fMpZVWfX — Gurwinder (@G_S_Bhogal) February 6, 2020

Belief Bias | #mentalmodels

Belief Bias: Arguments we'd normally reject for being idiotic suddenly seem perfectly logical if they lead to conclusions we approve of. In other words, we judge an argument’s strength not by how strongly it supports the conclusion but by how strongly *we* support the conclusion. — Gurwinder (@G_S_Bhogal) February 6, 2020