Tesla Support Ticket

@tesla I was supposed to receive two years free supercharging with the car I bought in September, despite numerous customer service tickets and my sales rep, I still cannot get this resolved. Paid for over $300 in supercharging fees. Everyone keeps passing the buck. Infuriating — Nate (@natetrop) December 26, 2019

$TWTR: Content creators ultimately have no control over distribution on major social media platforms | Dec 2019

Thread about .@QuoraI joined Quora a long time ago, but didn’t pay much attention to it for a long time. Recently, I got interested in it and started participating actively. Quora is a place where people ask questions, and you can choose to answer them. — The Storm Is Here NOW!!! (@PaulSchmehl) December 26, 2019

$SPY: Thread on the origins of Jews eating Chinese food on Christmas because both communities “were being othered in America” | Dec 2019

Merry Christmas, it’s time for my annual retelling of my fav Christmas story: Why Jews eat Chinese food on Xmas. It’s a cultural tradition dating back almost 100 years and originates where almost all of America’s immigrant stories begin: On the Lower East Side of Manhattan. 1/ — Erin Biba (@erinbiba) December 25, 2019

$BASE: “The fact that calling for a 40hr work week counts as some sort of radicalism shows just how insane and extreme the entrepreneurial ideology has become.” | Dec 2019

What’s so bizarre about this whole overwork debate is how utterly unambitious and banal my advocacy is! The fact that calling for a 40h work week counts as some sort of radicalism shows just how insane and extreme the entrepreneurial ideology has become. — DHH (@dhh) December 26, 2019

$SHOP: Founder Tobi Lutke explains how Shopify got to be so big through building a company where “people show up to work as their authentic selves” | Dec 2019

I realize everyone’s twitter feed looks different. But I’ll go ahead and subtweet two conversations that I see going by right now: a) How the heck did Shopify get so big this decade and b) You have to work 80 hours a week to be successful. Thread/ — Tobi Lutke 🌳🌲 (@tobi) December 26, 2019

Tesla Support Ticket

Hey @elonmusk , why @Tesla doesn’t show the total Out The Door cost including standard $1,125.00 destination fees, when someone orders online? Please calculate and show taxes, other fees at the time of ordering so people don’t get shocked at the time of pickup/ delivery! — Jainish Vashi (@jsvashi) December 26, 2019